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About Me

A Certified Swimming Instructor

No....I am not a former Olympian, or even a former competitive swimmer!    


I am a swimmer.  I am a swimmer who learnt as an adult.  Inspired by my children’s passion for swimming, I decided to learn to swim.   

I am sure that many adults can identify with the Breast-stroke with head out of the water swimming??  ....that was me! - I was able to get by on holiday, but you wouldn’t find me braving very deep water and certainly not diving or swimming any great distance.   

I decided to book Adult swimming lessons and it was one of the best decisions I have made! 

Since then, I have built the confidence and now swim regularly at my local Masters club.   having learnt some additional skills in open water swimming, I felt an immense sense of achievement after completing open-water swimming events.

In the last few years I have gained my level 2 teaching qualification to teach.  I have become passionate about teaching Adults the skills they need to swim more confidently.    Most recently gaining additional qualifications as an Aquaphobia coach.

I am acutely aware of the increased interest in Adults wanting to learn to swim…..and the lack of opportunities to do so…..and that is what “Swim Right” is built on.    

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