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Conquer the Water

Swimming Lessons for Adults

Overcoming Fear of the Water, Promoting Relaxation When Swimming and Teaching Adult Technique

Swim Right Classes

Lessons Planned and Based on

Swim England Adult Framework

The Institute of Aquaphobia Principles

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Be Water Confident

Are you a complete beginner, with or without a fear of the water? - these are the classes for you.   A calm and gentle approach taking you through how to breathe and balance in the water.   I find the key to this is building trust and going at a pace that suits you.

Be a Swimmer

Have you had a few lessons as a child, but never returned to swimming?  If you are happy in the water, but would like to learn correct technique - this is the class for you.
By explaining the way our bodies balance and move through the water, you can build more confidence and eventually head to the pool independently.

Be a Better Swimmer

Already have a reasonable confidence in the water?  This class will help you improve your techniques.  By gaining efficiency of movement in the water, I aim to give you the confidence to hit the lanes independently or even join a club.

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Teen Beginner

A unique class treating teens appropriately…Young adult swimmers.
Lessons taught combining both the Swim England's learn to swim, and Adult framework - these sessions aim to deliver fun and focused sessions without the elements expected from a swim lesson of a much younger learner (no songs or primary games)

Teen Back to Swimming

In partnership with

Designed as a refresher of skills for teen swimmers who have been out of the pool for some time.  

By re-introducing the skills of all 4 strokes, the aim of these sessions is to gain the confidence to re-join the classes of their peers.

In partnership with 

The aim of Race Club is to provide swimmers who do not want to join a local club, the opportunity to learn racing skills in the pool.   It’s also suitable for those new to club swimming and looking to develop their racing skills whilst having fun.

Classes in Burgess Hill & Danehill West Sussex

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